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groom learns korean

Groom secretly learns Korean to give speech honoring in-laws

Weddings are filled with love, not just from the bride and groom but from everyone that shows up to support the couple's big day. So much goes into preparing for a wedding, from catering to hair and makeup but the one thing that probably takes the most mental preparation is the speeches. Whether it be vows, best man speeches or the father of the bride speech, people put in a lot of care and emotions when writing them and that emotion usually pours out when the moment comes.

A groom in a recent viral video knows all too well the emotional labor that goes into writing the perfect speech because he took it one step further. Ben Carpenter recently married his beautiful wife, Sohee and during the wedding reception, he surprised everyone in the room, including his bride by delivering his speech in Korean honoring his wife's culture.

This wasn't something that he pulled off line and memorized the pronunciation, he actually learned the language specifically to honor his new family.

"I secretly took Korean lessons for 10 months so I could surprise my amazing wife Sohee Carpenter and her family," Ben writes in the caption. "Yes, my pronunciation was far from perfect, but I wanted to be able to say everything I wanted to say without reading notes than just rehearse a couple of quick lines as perfectly as possible. You know what they say. If they wanted to, they would. And I really really wanted to."

Wow. That's some serious love and dedication right there and commenters are having a lot of emotions.

"I can tell this much she'll always remember respect & celebrate you learned & spoke in her natal language for her parents well done Ben," someone says.

"Ben. I am NOT watching this again. I cannot cry a third time over the same d*mn speech," another writes.

"I have never cried more during a wedding speech as I did with yours. Your love for your incredible wife just bursts through you. I am so in awe," a commenter gushes.

It's true, the Korean is sweet but the speech is so thoughtful and the look on her father's face lets the world know just how proud he is of his son-in-law. Just see for your self below, but don't forget the tissues.