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cuddle wrong cat

Couple hilariously realize they've been snuggling an imposter cat

We'd all like to believe that we know our pets. Every pet has their own distinctive look and even if they look like a sibling, they have different personalities making it much easier to identify your pet. But every once in awhile there's a bit of a mixup where you see a cat outside that looks like yours so you find yourself frantically darting out the door while your cat is asleep under your bed.

One couple's cat mixup went in a different direction. They brought their cat inside and piddled around the house for a few hours before settling in for a snuggle session on the couch. It was then that the cat's mom noticed a cat outside that looked exactly like their cuddly little guy.

Instantly you see the confusion and concern register when they look closely at the imposter enjoying all the extra attention while the other stares from outside. Surely the real cat was offended that his own parents didn't know they were snuggling up to a generic version of him.

"Babe, look at the cat outside. That looks like you Rado, is that your brother," the cat mom asks before appearing unsure if the cat in her husband's arms is actually their cat. Turned out the cat was not theirs and they quickly let the strange cat outside and scooped up their own cat. Commenters found the now viral situation hilarious.

One person writes, "slight error in the cat distribution system."

Another commenter says, "the way its body language is screaming 'kidnapped.'"

Someone laughs, "the fact that the cat was going to play it off and continue his days as Rado."

"Plot twist," a commenter writes. "Cats been switching places for months and they just noticed."

In a follow up video, Brandon Robert, Rado's dad, shows the photo a their actual cat and the imposter. They're strikingly similar so it's easy to see how Robert picked up the wrong cat while not wearing his glasses. Thankfully all is well now and their cat is back inside where he belongs but you can watch the hilarious moment of realization below.


I didnt have my glasses on😭😭 #cat #catsoftiktok

This article originally appeared on 1.16.24