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If you spend many, many hours a day staring into the glowing light of a phone or computer screen, you’re not alone. Our world is increasingly dependent on technology, and our bodies are struggling to adjust.

Spending so much time on screens can cause tired eyes, headaches, or blurred vision. Sometimes you might feel like closing your eyes or mashing the palms of your hands into your eye sockets, or lying on the floor underneath your desk and waiting for Friday to arrive. These symptoms are otherwise known as Digital Eye Strain – and research shows1 that many Americans—including kids!—are suffering from this but don’t know how to alleviate it!

Think about how many hours per week you spend on digital devices. Chances are, it’s more than you’d like to admit! Don’t worry, you’re in good company. Research shows that people over the age of 182 are spending the majority of the day engaged with some form of media, and most are unaware that their headaches may actually be due to all that screen time, not the content on the screen itself.3

The increase in screen time is especially hard on our eyes because we’re blinking less, which can lead to eye dryness, and our eyes can start to show signs of strain after just 2 hours of looking at screens.4 This is where Biofinity Energys® contact lenses come in: lenses that help address symptoms of digital eye strain like eye dryness and tiredness.

Whether you are a student, a working professional or simply a person who enjoys streaming shows, Biofinity Energys® could help your eyes feel less tired at the end of the day.5 While Biofinity Energys® is not a cure for the pile-up of emails or the headaches caused by the world events covered on the screen, it may help with eye tiredness and dryness associated with digital eye strain.

A study conducted by CooperVision revealed that a whopping 77% of patients fit with Biofinity Energys® say the lenses help their eyes feel less strained at the end of the day, even after a long day of using digital devices.6,7 Additionally, 8 out of 10 digital device users agreed that Biofinity Energys® contact lenses made their eyes feel less tired.8 These unique lenses feature Aquaform® Technology to lock in moisture and can help your eyes feel less dry. They also have a proprietary Digital Zone Optics® lens design to help with eye tiredness. These contacts are also made to work for day-to-day non-digital activities, making it easier to shift from online to offline events.

It’s time to level up your contact lenses! Talk to your eye care professional today to see if Biofinity Energys® contact lenses are right for you, or visit BiofinityEnergys.com to learn more and to download a free trial certificate.


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