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baby deer rescue

Animals & Wildlife

Sweet video shows man jump a fence to rescue baby deer separated from its scared mom

The deer was stuck behind the fence trying desperately to get to its mother.

Photo by Robert Woeger on Unsplash

Sweet video shows man rescue baby deer and return it to mom

Baby animals are just adorable no matter what animal it is unless they're the frogs hatching off of the back of a mama frog, I will never be able to unsee that. Aside from those frog back babies, there's something about baby animals that make you want to let out a long "awww" while you thing about all the ways you wish you could snuggle them.

This also may be the reason that people will risk their own lives to save baby animals they see In the wild struggling. Some sort of protection instinct kicks in and you just have to go save the little baby. With the convenience of having tiny cameras in our pockets at all times, we're catching more of these rescues on film.

One woman filmed her husband saving a baby deer, a fawn for you fancy people. The little deer was following its mom and somehow found itself trapped behind a chainlink fence unable to reach the safety of its mother. That's when the woman's husband comes in.

The man stopped the car and jumped the fence to rescue the deer that was running frantically back and forth trying to escape the chainlink barrier. His wife can be heard off camera sweet talking the deer who is too far away to hear as she films her husband and checks back on the mama deer who looks at the situation from the edge of the woods. Eventually the man makes it over the fence and another driver stops to help. They both chase the fawn until the woman's husband finally grabs it and carries the struggling baby back towards its mom.

As soon as they reach safety, the deer is placed in the grass where it takes off running and the two deer disappear into the tree line. The sweet rescue can be seen below.