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Harold Krichel, Wikipedia/Representative Image from Canva

Anne Hathaway hilariously tries to sit in a tight latex dress during Fashion Week in Milan

Anne Hathaway might have played fashion-oblivious Andrea Sachs in “Devil Wears Prada,” but nowadays, in real life (or at least on the red carpet) she’s more on the level of Miranda Priestley—turning heads at every event with showstopping looks.

However, no matter how high her status as a fashion icon rises, the “Princess Diaries” actress still holds onto her humility.

Case and point: she has no problem sharing what it’s really like to wear certain designer dresses. Spoiler alert: it’s not quite as effortless as the fashionistas make it look.

In a carousel posted to her Instagram, Hathway first showed a photo of herself next to Donatalle Versace, while posing in a bright red, very structured latex dress, designed of course by Versace for Milan’s Fashion Week. The two have been muses for each other for a while now.

And while the first picture shows exactly what you might expect from fashion week—fierceness, poise, 130% glam—the next video shows…well, a different side.

“I just want to respect…the integrity of the corset…” Hathaway says while in the most uncomfortable half-sitting-half-lying down position imaginable.

Then, cue giggles as she struggles to get up.

“Help her, she can’t move!” Versace exclaims through laughter.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, it’s for Donatella,” Hathaway quips. Earlier she had assured “Vogue” editor-in-chief Anna Wintour that even though she couldn’t turn in the dress she could breathe easily. The joke continued in Hathaway’s caption, which read:

“Breathing? 😎

Sitting? 🙃”

Press the right arrow on the post below and give yourself a good laugh.

I mean, does this not feel like something straight out of “I Love Lucy?”

We see so many ultra glam celebrity images online, and while a part of us knows deep down that there’s way more than meets the eye, it’s nice to have reminders like this that really show how life is never picture perfect all the time. Even for celebrities. So let this be a permission to laugh at our own imperfections, and to let loose from time to time.

And if you need inspiration for how to do that, try watching this clip of Hathaway dancing to “Anaconda”: