Gas Prices Have Nothing On The Inflated Prices You’re Paying For THIS Crucial-To-Survive Stuff

Switching to tap can save you $116 a month — that’s 25 pounds of bacon or 958 Jolly Ranchers, to put it in serious perspective. Even better, those bottles won’t end up in a landfill.


MAP: See Where It’s Cheaper To Send Your Three-Year-Old To College Instead Of Daycare

College tuition is rising, blah blah — we’ve heard it all before. Here’s something you haven’t heard: Daycare is even worse.


What Do Dystopian Movies About Alien Viruses Have In Common With This All-Too-Real Map?

We’re all for free enterprise, but isn’t this GIF mapping Wal-Mart openings since 1962 kind of … terrifying in an alien-invasionkind of way? It's even scarier when you think about the local businesses affected by every single dot. (Consider this: In 2006, when a Chicago Wal-Mart opened, a quarter of the small businesses within a four-mile radius closed.)



Why The Biggest Threat To U.S. Security Might Be … Its Defense Program?

The U.S. government spends a fifth of its money on defense, stacked up in this chart against the 13 countries with the next highest defense budgets. Here’s your daily cup of hot irony: What’s currently the biggest threat to national security? Our debt.