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why people live longer than dogs

Photo of Aristotle by Michael Paraskevas|Wikimedia Commons/Little girl and dog by Amine|Canva

Little girl has perfect philosophical answer on people living longer than dogs

People always say that humans don't deserve dogs. When we welcome these four-legged fur balls in our lives we're usually met with infinite tail wags and doggy kisses. It seems like they never experience a bad day, even when they may have been sent to time out for eating a hole in the linoleum floor. As soon as you greet them, they're still happy to see you, no matter what.

Mihira Guha, also known as Mia, is a little girl that looks to be around five years old and has got dogs figured out. Recently, her mom uploaded a video to social media of Mia explaining why she thinks humans live longer than dogs. It was deeply profound for a little one that young and it came down to dogs and their innate happiness.

The little girl is sitting on her bed playing with plastic pieces that connect in multiple ways when she shocks her mom and the rest of the internet with her reasoning about the lifespan of dogs.

"Humans live a long life than dogs because they have so long. They have to learn a lot of things," Mia says, when her mom asks who has to do the learning, the girl quickly answers. "Humans. Like not to hate people, not to be jealous, always loving people, be kind, live a happy life."

When questioned on why dogs don't have to live a long life, Mia, seemingly exasperated, says, "have you ever seen a sad dog?"

She's right, you don't see a sad dog often, especially when their needs are being met. It was a bit shocking to see how her little brain processed and articulated such a higher level of understanding about the human experience in comparison to dogs and correlate it with the contrast of lifespans between the two species. Could Mia be a tiny philosophy genius? Commenters loved her explanation.

"She is right. I love when children are still aware of their souls wisdom. Thank you for sharing this lovely child," one person says.

"How profound this is shouldn't be lost in the simplicity of her adorable delivery, wow kid. She's so special," another writes.

"Oh Mia. So little, yet so wise 😍.What a way to remind us to live a virtuous life," a commenter compliments.

Someone get this girl a notebook, some eager to learn students and an apple tree to sit under, she's got some things to teach the world. You can join little Mia's philosophy lesson below.