People are in love with the Tooth Fairy's clever letter to a young girl with a messy room

"The state of your room prevented us from performing a midnight retrieval."

The Tooth Fairy doesn't like messy rooms.

A father from Syracuse, New York, is getting a lot of cheers (and a few jeers) for a letter he wrote on behalf of the Tooth Fairy that he gave to his 10-year-old daughter. The message? Your room needs to be cleaner for us to give you any money.

The situation started after the girl’s parents forgot to help the Tooth Fairy out.

"We had forgotten to play the part of the tooth fairy, and when she woke up in the morning, she was disappointed," the father, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Newsweek. "Since we had been trying to get her to clean her room for a long time, it provided an opportunity to learn a light-hearted lesson."

So, the dad left the young girl a note from the Tooth Fairy on her official letterhead that claimed that her agents couldn’t “retrieve” her tooth on two separate occasions because her room was too messy.

The letter was on official letterhead with the address 100 Castle Lane in Fairyland.

A letter to my messy daughter from the tooth fairy
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“The state of your room prevented us from performing a midnight retrieval,” the letter read. “The first attempt almost resulted in tragedy as one of our agents’ shoes got stuck to something icky on the floor. While attempting to free herself, a pile of socks tipped over and nearly suffocated her.”

Given the two previous failures, the Tooth Fairy was forced to have a rare "daytime retrieval" and a "grumpy" fairy named Greta to do the dirty work. Greta was successful and left the young girl some change.

The Tooth Fairy finished the letter with a warm thank you. “We also know that you have a choice when it comes to tooth disposal, and we appreciate the opportunity to meet this need. Kind regards, The Tooth Fairy.”

He later posted the letter on Reddit, where it brought a smile to many people’s faces because of the formal way that it was written. "It is silly to have this image of a fairy in your head that deals with young children and communicates like an adult,” the father told Newsweek.

"This is gorgeous. She will remember receiving this letter her entire life," SuggestionIll2192 wrote in the comments. "This is fantastic! I have a messy kid who I straight up forgot to get the last tooth from. She had to remind me to remind the tooth fairy….Going to use my own version of this with the next one, thank you for the idea!" Seatthetruthadded.

However, some people on the online forum aren’t too happy with the letter, claiming that the parents were manipulating their daughter. "Really surprised people are rooting for turning the Tooth Fairy into a guilt trip for a child," Yadayadabisuqe wrote. "Nothing like shaming your child into cleaning her room. There have to be better way to do that than this," VintageTimex added.

In the end, the girl gets her reward from the Tooth Fairy, but do her parents see any changes in her cleanliness after the letter? "

A lot of people have asked, and the answer is no, the note did not have any lasting cleanliness effects," the father said.