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surprise serenade

Pop Culture

Kelly Clarkson surprised unsuspecting lunch-goers with a gorgeous a capella flashmob

Can you imagine sitting at lunch and suddenly having Kelly Clarkson singing in front of you?

Kelly Clarkson brought her powerhouse voice to an outdoor dining area in Los Angeles.

Kelly Clarkson surprised unsuspecting lunch-goers with an impromptu performance of a song from her new album with the help of some friends.

The singer and talk show host started walking toward an outdoor dining area in Los Angeles, and soon other voices began joining her in harmony. Her beautiful, powerhouse vocals quickly drew the attention of the diners, who were surely stunned to see that it was actually Kelly Clarkson singing in front of them.

The song, "Favorite Kind of High," wasn't one most people would have recognized immediately, as it's from Clarkson's new album, "Chemistry," which was released in June 2023. That didn't matter, though, because Kelly Clarkson could sing the phone book and make it sound Grammy-worthy. And the group of singers who sang with her sounded amazing, too. What a treat.

The pop star shared a video of the pop-up performance in a Facebook reel:

Music adds so much joy to our lives, and getting an impromptu serenade like this one would surely make almost anyone's day.

"This is EVERYTHING…Keep filling spaces with your beautiful voice/s, smiles, joy and positivity! I hope you continue to give these joyful moments & spiritual uplifting EVERYWHERE…EVERYONE NEEDS THIS," wrote one commenter.

"Awesome!! How cool would that be to have Kelly Clarkson singing to you while at lunch & had no idea it was gonna happen!!" wrote another. "So cool!!"

A commenter who shared that she's "83 1/2 years old" told Clarkson to "Keep on singing and filling the world with beauty"—sage advice we can all appreciate.

Many people also asked Clarkson where she got her dress, which is a long-sleeved, ankle-length green wrap dress with pink flower details.

Can we formally request that every artist promote their new songs and albums this way? Random, unannounced public performances are a win for everyone.