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sister wrong house

Woman accidentally makes silly faces in the wrong doorbell camera

Even as adults we find ourselves being extremely silly with our siblings at times. Just because you've got kids and a mortgage doesn't mean you have grown out of your typical sibling interactions. You'll find elderly siblings still having silly squabbles or trying to make the other laugh.

What makes this sibling interaction so ridiculously hilarious and embarrassing is the fact that, the whole thing happened at the wrong house. A woman walked up to what she thought was her sister's doorbell camera and began to make silly faces into it saying, "help me! Help me!" in a high pitched voice. It's obvious she's feeling pretty confident her sister will appreciate her shenanigans as she continues contorting her face in the camera.

But her confidence was quickly overshadowed by embarrassment after a man she doesn't recognize opens the door to greet the stranger in his doorbell camera.

"Am I at the wrong house," the woman asks while seemingly looking into the door. The man just calmly says, "I think so. Yes, ma'am," before the woman quickly leaves while hysterically laughing and apologizing the entire trip down the steps and across the yard. Hopefully she made her way to the right doorbell camera on her second try, though the goofy faces and voices may be retired for a while.

Watching this video is definitely giving people second hand embarrassment but it seems to not be so uncommon judging from the comments.

"I did this once, but I didn’t knock, I just walked in where a little girl was laying on the couch. I asked where my aunt(by name) was, she yelled out mom there’s a lady here we don’t know. I apologized said wrong house and left before her mom got in there. I started laughing when I realized I was in the wrong house and laughed until I got to my aunt’s house, two houses down. It’s a weird feeling lol," one person reveals.

"My husband and I pulled up to the wrong apartment building one Christmas Eve, hauled all of our things into what we "thought" was my Mom's apartment, yelled "Merry Christmas!", then realized we were in someone else's apartment! We turned quickly and left before we either got shot or had the cops called on us," another commenter says.

"I went in the wrong funeral home and shook a few hands with my condolences. Then I saw the name and did a slick exit," someone writes.

While there's no identification on where the video originally came from or who the woman was in the video but it's gone viral across different social media platforms and was shared by LADbible. You can watch the video below: