questlove jimmy fallon

Bros for life.

Questlove is back once again to grace the stage on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

The Roots frontman returned after a glorious Oscar win for his documentary “Summer of Soul.”

But despite this potentially life-changing career moment, one thing remains the same: Questlove and Fallon got the sweetest bromance going on.

Setting his Oscar on the desk (“they’re heavy, man!”), Questlove joked with Fallon that he was warned to never set it down, lest it be stolen, so he ended up “spooning it on the plane ride home.”

“It’s a weight I’m willing to carry,” he gladly told Fallon.

And then, the heartwarming stuff happened.

A true mensch, Fallon shared how Questlove’s win brought him to tears. “I was crying in my living room … I lost it,” he exclaimed, hands flailing.

Questlove, on the other hand, shared that he barely realized the win had happened at all. He had been meditating during the commercial break (fun fact: something he learned from Seinfeld) and had been in the zone when the winner was announced.

“I literally was not present for that entire moment,” he admitted. Can’t say we blame him.

Fallon then proudly showed a picture of Questlove with his mom, who accompanied him to the Oscars, before saying, “Everybody who knows you loves you, and is so proud of you dude. It couldn’t have happened to a better dude.”

A self-diagnosed “praise deflector,” Questlove was quick to say his true reward was working with Fallon, and getting to be free and supported to pursue his creative dreams, calling the studio “the best college ever.”

“I know it’s such a Hollywood answer, but that to me is what matters … so thank you.”

The convo had its own funny moments too (apparently there was a bet to play Smash Mouth at Jay-Z's Oscars after-party), but all in all this was simply a wholesome, delightful portrayal of a loving male friendship.

You can check out the full video here: