This inspiring open letter to the country from 100 women of color will energize you.

You're invited to come together in solidarity for 100 hours to face all that lies ahead.

The day after the presidential election, things felt as divisive as ever.

Now, 100 prominent leaders — all women of color — have written an open letter to move forward, together.

#Our100 is a community of women who take action together to end racism, sexism, and misogynistic policies in politics and government. This beautiful and hopeful movement offers a vision of unity for the future in their open letter.

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A mom writes 2 raw letters to herself about the 2 lives she's led at home and work.

'I just wanted to let you know that I see you, and I recognize the sacrifices you’re making for your family.'

Read them both, all the way through. You'll thank us later.

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom,

Can I be honest? Sometimes, I get jealous of you.

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