Beautiful photo of a Springer Spaniel

Jinky, the Springer Spaniel, has his own social media page, where his doggie parents document his beautiful life in Yorkshire, England. As the photos suggest, he loves playing in the mud. Springers are active, love the great outdoors, and are known for having a lot of energy.

Recently, Jinky’s mom took him on a walk during a loose-leash training session when he took an unexpected turn that revealed where his doggie daddy had secretly been taking him. Loose-leash training is a method trainers use to teach dogs to walk on a leash with some slack without pulling or going after other dogs.

Here’s the big reveal that got daddy in the dog house.

After Jinky turned to walk into the village pub as if he had done it a million times before, the wife thought it was hilarious and asked her husband to let her know she was on to him. "It was really funny," she told Newsweek. "I sent the clip straight to him."

The clip was quite a hit on Instagram, where it has been seen over 4 million times and has over 200,000 likes. Many of the commenters suspected that there were many great friends and treats inside the pub, and that’s why Jinky wanted to go back. Others thought the wife should have let Jinky into the pub for a pint or two.

"Let the lad have a pint," Jack Messerli joked in the comments. "My friend's dog does this, drags me to all the pubs, even if they're closed," Milo added.

This article originally appeared on 3.9.24