little girl pep talk

Little girl gives mom the sweetest inspirational speech

Sometimes little kids surprise us when we least expect it. Granted sometimes the surprise involves some sort of bug or strange smell emanating from their hands but sometimes it's just something too sweet not to share. One mom did not know she was in for an inspirational speech when she decided to style her daughter's hair that morning.

Shena Vici recently uploaded an adorable video of her young daughter giving the mom an unexpected pep talk. The little girl, Halo, doesn't look to me much older than 4 or 5 years old but she clearly has wisdom far beyond her years. In the tiniest little voice, she says, "mommy, you're perfect just the way you are."

Vici asks the little girl what if she didn't think she was perfect and Halo comes through with one of the sweetest encouraging messages anyone doubting themselves could here. The message is even more adorable coming from such a tiny person.

"You're beautiful just the way you are, no matter if you don't have lipgloss. Don't matter if you have nose rings, don't matter if you have tattoos, don't matter if you have bracelets," Halo reveals.

But what does make someone beautiful if it isn't earrings, tattoos and lipgloss? "Your heart," according to Halo, and the entire internet takes a collective sigh.

"I just want to put her in a bubble and protect her from the world," one person writes.

"I'm following because I wanna be whatever kind of mother you are that allows your baby to speak to you like that," someone else says.

"Her little voice with those wise words. Good job raising that beautiful child," another commenter praises.

Others wanted to know if Halo was taking life coaching clients while others praised mom on what a good job she was doing raising such a confident child. She is definitely delivering a powerful message to those that need to hear it and you can see the entire thing below.