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kid pep talk

Little boy gives sweetest pep-talk to upset friend

Things don't always go our way, and sometimes people have a way of making you feel pretty bad about yourself. Whether it's because of how you dress, laugh or how you fixed your hair that day, there are some people that will just try to find a way to make you feel badly. During those moments, it's great to have a friend that will remind you of who you truly are.

A little girl was having one of those days and her classmate, Mason, knew just how to support her. A video was uploaded to social media by Unklearold that showed the little girl on a school playground, upset. Another child had called her dumb, obviously hurting her feelings. But her friend was not going to stay silent so he gave her the most heartfelt pep talk his little body could muster causing the internet to collectively sigh, "aww."

"Don't listen to a guy that called you dumb," Mason says in his little voice. "Listen to yourself. Ignore this guy, whoever it is just stop talking to people that called you dumb."

The little boy says it with so much conviction that you don't have a choice but to believe him and it was just what his friend needed to hear. While he was reminding the girl to listen to herself, she became overcome with emotion and hugs his neck, "you're such a nice friend."

Of course people are just feeling all of the things in the comments of the video. It's such a sweet moment that changed the girl's day for the better.

One person says, "Whew. Who is raising him?! They’re pouring into him and equipping him to be a kind & loving human who pours into other people. Just imagine the world we would have if this was ubiquitous! Wow. Bless him. 'You’re such a nice friend!'"

Another writes, "Mason out here building and uplifting everybody's spirit with that sermon on the playground!"

Someone else comments, "This is a lesson we have to learn over and over into adulthood. Remember, what someone says about you has ABSOLUTELY NO DOMINION over who you are. Who YOU say you are is the only thing that holds power over you. Great job young man."

Watch the beautiful moment below: