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Jessica Biel was slammed for admitting she eats in the shower but most moms totally get it

"I got four kids, they eat my food, I stand behind this 100% since it's the only place I have privacy."

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Would you add eating a bowl of cereal to your shower routine?

Actress Jessica Biel has caused quite an online commotion after sharing her unconventional eating habit of eating in the shower.

The discourse first started in 2020, when Biel shared a since-deleted Instagram post of an empty plate, fork and coffee cup sitting on the ledge of her shower. In her caption, Biel wrote, "Yes. I eat in the shower. I admit it,” adding that this particular shower meal consisted of chicken, apple sausage and an espresso.

Biel has gone on to list other things she considered “shower appropriate items,” which include cereal, yogurt, coffee, tea and popsicles (which are “safe” from being too messy even though they’ll start melting pretty fast).

Most recently, the “7th Heaven” actress gave others some helpful “pro-tips” to get the ultimate shower snacking experience, such as utilizing a handy shower ledge, and keeping your mouth closed while chewing if you’re going under the water while noshing.

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And while Biel’s shower eating “movement” might have caused a few to scratch their heads, those who enjoyed eating while taking a bath could see where she was coming from

“For me it’s a cheeseburger from In-N-Out and the bath,” one person wrote.

Plus…you know who's totally onboard with the idea? Moms, that’s who.

“I got four kids, they eat my food. I stand by this 100% since it’s the only place I have privacy,” one mom commented.

Another person shared, “it’s the only place you can probably eat without having to share with kids.”

Still another wrote, “mom life. We know this too well.”

Let’s face it. Moms who are doing a million things at once for their kids have to be both diligent and creative when it comes to carving out time alone. Compared to the all-too-common fantasy of going to the hospital in order to get some R&R, eating in the shower seems like a way healthier alternative.

And as far as the hygienic soundness of the trend—well, the jury seems to be out on this one.

Some experts warn that eating in the bathroom is inherently risky, given the proximity to the toilet (and therefore fecal matter). Others argue that unless the food is basically directly in contact with the toilet—apologies for the visual—that the bathroom is no more germ and bacteria ridden than any other part of the house. Although the general rule of thumb is to simply make sure your bathroom is clean beforehand. Something tells me this isn’t something Biel struggles with.

So if you’re a tired mom, chronic multitasker or simply looking for a self-care ritual that ticks off many boxes at once, maybe join this shower-eating movement. Just be sure to clean the bathroom beforehand. Bon appétit!