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improve dance

Strangers improvise incredible dance to music they didn't know

Improving anything isn't always easy and can sometimes be hilarious, which is why improv shows are so popular. Usually when someone is improvising dance moves, there's not a partner involved and if there is, they're generally not trained in dance. Limbs are jerking or smoothly flowing to the beat while feet and hips do their best to make coordinated motions.

But Rose City Swing dance studio, which specializes in West Coast Swing, has gone viral several times for their improvised dances. What they do is take two random dancers and pair them up, while the dancers are on the floor music starts playing. The dancers have no idea what song will be played and must come up with dance moves on the spot that coordinate with their partner.

It sounds nearly impossible but one duo that got paired together make it look easy. They dance so intuitively with each other that their video has gone viral multiple times on its own.

The video first appeared on social media in December 2023 where it had over 2.2 million views. It was posted again garnering millions more views before being posted on the Rose City Swing Instagram page where it grabbed a massive 3.6 million likes. Needless to say people love this random pairing's dance chemistry.

Watch it now:

The dancers in the video are PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann and they flawlessly devoured this challenge. People in the comments can't get enough of the pair.

"Every time this pops up on my feed I watch it like 12x in a row," one person writes.

"They're dressed so unsuspecting and then bust out the SICKEST MOVES," another says.

"Every time I see this, across my feed, I have to watch it again. And every time I watch it, I feel the same Joy I did the first time. Smiling throughout," a commenter gushes.

"I’ve watched this so many times. This is how dance is supposed to be: fun. They have such an incredible ease. I want to take a class," someone else writes.

The dance studio is in Portland, Oregon if you're wanting to give it a try but there are no promises you'll be this smooth with an impromptu song, dance and partner. Totally worth a shot if you're local, if nothing else you'll have a blast trying.