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early childhood fake baby

School project has teen stressed caring for fake baby

There's not one book or experienced parent that will tell you that parenting is easy. In fact, you'll likely find people either dancing around how hard it can be or simply being brutally honest about the struggles that come with trying to raise tiny humans. It's a noble job that is not for those with a weak constitution...or emotional state.

There are days when you may find yourself so sleep deprived that you cry right along with your baby, hoping against hope that an adultier adult comes to rescue you. Alas, you are the adult, unless you're a teenager who is stuck caring for a plastic baby for your early childhood class.

Shaquita White shared a video of her teenage daughter's experience caring for the woman's temporary plastic grandchild. The teen was tasked with caring for the "real care baby" over the weekend for a grade in her early childhood class. Seems like the girl was immediately in for a heaping dose of reality after being lulled into a false sense of confidence when the baby sat quietly all day–until it wasn't.

As soon as the video starts, the girl declares that she has already failed the assignment while at her track meet before explaining, "I got the baby at two o'clock. I get out of school at 2:45, I'm on the bus it's 3:15. It hasn't made one noise, it hasn't even cooed, it hasn't even giggled, it hasn't even made nothing. And then as soon as I want to start doing my warmups and I have the baby with one of my friends cause it's not making any noise. This baby wanna start yelling and start crying."

The young temporary mom rushed to care for the baby only to realize that she couldn't find the diaper bag that contained the bottles, diapers and other things she needed to make the crying stop. Turns out she forgot the bag on the school bus and had to open the emergency exit door to retrieve it.

That would've been enough to make any new parent stressed out but this all took place in the first few hours of caring for it, she still had to get through the rest of the weekend. Seems the track meet was just the preview of how her weekend undertaking was going to pan out because that little plastic baby definitely had the teen rethinking future decisions.

At one point in the video the teen proclaims she has baby brain from being so frazzled trying to care for the baby while at school. Once the baby screamed so long in the middle of the night that "grandma" woke up to see what was going on only to find her daughter exhausted after waking up every two hours to feed the baby. The teen was so tired that she begins to cry when her mom wakes her up to care for the plastic doll.

Commenters were proud of the teen for doing such a good job caring for the realistic doll while thought the baby is a good reality check for teens.

"At the end She said this baby gotta go! thanks for sharing, I think this is a wonderful project!," someone says.

"Give this girl an A!!! She was trying!!," another person writes.

"I laughed so hard!!! Poor baby!!! Poor Mommy!!!! Poor Grandmother!!!! Hahaha!!!!! Every young girl needs to experience one of these so that they will know teenage pregnancy and parenthood is no joke… Thank you for sharing. This was very entertaining," one person laughs.

"I love her! She is so sweet and responsible- running to the bus. I really felt for her when she cried because she was so tired. She did a great job. You did a great job supporting her too. Well done," another shares.

By the time the weekend was over, the entire family, including the teens siblings were ready for the baby to go back to the early childhood classroom. Even fake babies keep the entire family awake when it would rather cry than sleep. This will be a life lesson that all the kids in the house remember for the rest of their lives.