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drumline battle


Who won this epic Army vs. Navy drumline battle?

People may be torn on the 'winner,' but everyone agrees it's fun to watch.

Drumline battle before Army-Navy football game.

Is there anything more delightfully energetic than a drumline? No, there's not.

Well, except maybe a drumline battle.

Seeing two drum corps duke it out, taking turns wowing audiences with their rhythmic prowess, is always enjoyable. But when a drumline battle occurs between two branches of the U.S. military, it's an even more epic duel.

The sibling-like rivalries among the military branches are well-known, and when they are channeled into a friendly competition, it's nothing but joyful camaraderie. Last year, the Army and Navy drumlines met on the musical battlefield outside MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, before the 122nd Army-Navy football game, and the video of their matchup has been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube.

With the Army drumline decked out in what looks like a mix of fatigues and baseball uniforms and the Navy dressed in crisp black dress uniforms, the visual contrast between the two was already quite stark. Casual versus formal. Laid back versus buttoned up.

The contrast between the drumming talent was not quite as definitive, however. Both drumlines brought their own energy to the competition, and both are fun to watch. At different points, each group seemed to take the upper hand, only to be met with something new. The end, though, is the best, as the two groups came together in a joint jam session followed by fist bumps all around.

The two drumlines met up again on December 10 at this year's Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia, and again both corps were a delight to watch.

But who was the winner of each matchup?

This year's battle is too new to get a good sampling of comments. Judging from the comments of the 2021 video, the verdict was fairly evenly split. Most people simply appreciated what each drumline brought to the competition.

"Army was bouncy and fun, Navy was technical and sharp!" wrote one commenter.

"I like Navy's 'Top Secret' moves," wrote another. "Their technical skills are really good. Army's energy was good as well. Great job all around to both teams. Well done everyone."

"Both Army & Navy represent with excellent performances," wrote another. "Army's was filled with more popular rhythms. Navy's was faster and more complex."

No matter who won, each battle was enjoyable to witness. Much gratitude and respect for all of those who serve.