If it weren’t for a Subaru retailer’s blood drive, this man’s cancer may have gone undetected

When Don Burckhardt donated blood at a Crews Subaru blood drive in Charleston, South Carolina, he had no idea his own life would be saved by it. The Red Cross worker told Burkhardt that his iron count was low and recommended he go to the doctor to get a full blood test done.

“Because of these blood drives that Crews Subaru is hosting, my cancer was caught at the very early stages,” says Burckhardt.

That blood drive was one of 48 that Crews Subaru has held in 36 months, impacting nearly 5,000 lives. And the Red Cross is just one of 71 different charities and organizations the retailer serves each year as part of the Subaru Love Promise, which is all about giving back to the community.

Watch Don Burckhardt share his story and witness the Subaru Love Promise in action as the folks at Crews Subaru host blood drives, provide meals, organize pet adoptions, grant Make-a-Wish wishes and more.

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