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boy tired of chicken

Doorbell camera catches boy's rant about mom's chicken

When you're a kid you rarely have a lot of say in what you get to eat for dinner. The adult in your house is the one that gets to decide and you have to eat whatever they put on your plate. But one little boy is simply tired of eating chicken and he doesn't care who knows it. Well, he cares if his mom knows.

Lacy Marie uploaded a video from her doorbell camera to TikTok her son. The little boy is caught on camera taking the trash out venting about always having to eat chicken. He rants all the way to the trash can, being sure to get it out of his system before he makes it back into the house.

"Chicken. No more chicken. Tell me you like, we have chicken every day. Eat this, eat that, eat more chicken, keep eating it," the 10-year-old complains. "It's healthy for you. Like, we get it. We have chicken every day."

Apparently the little boy doesn't think eating chicken every day is good for his gains at the gym as he says he works out. He does not care about lean protein and likely doesn't care about whatever science is behind chicken being a healthy food to consume for muscle development. He. Doesn't. Want. Chicken. And it seems like the commenters under the video are on his side.

"Give that man a steak," one person says.

"My dud has been married for 25 years and he's had enough," another jokes.

"Every single day of his years?! Really mom?," someone laughs

"I'm thinking you need to give chicken a break. He's been eating it everyday of all of his years," a commenter writes.

Even Sam's Club got in on the jokes saying, "chickens hearing this," with two eye emojis with an open mouth. Poor little guy, the internet is on your side, maybe you'll get some burgers instead.

Check out the video below:


10-year-old caught on doorbell cam venting!! #hilarious #nomorechicken #heworksout