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best friend s hand

Woman uses best friend's hand for engagement pictures

Engagements can be a whirlwind for everyone involved. Unless you've previously bought a ring for your partner you have little to no idea what size they wear and how exactly do you ask that question without tipping them off? This is exactly how buying the incorrect ring size happens but with all of the excitement and planning, you make do with what you have and hope it fits.

For David and Nicolette Koske, their engagement got a little interesting in the most hilarious way when the ring David bought didn't fit. The couple was out with Nicolette's best friend, Isa Haiti and her partner for a totally normal not at all secret engagement outing in what appears to be the woods. At least that's what Nicolette likely thought until the diamond was whipped out and being ...not placed on her ring finger.

The ring didn't fit. But the photographer was right there waiting to catch the shot of the newly engaged couple and it's a rule that you have to give the photographer the best shot possible. That's when Haiti steps in.

Haiti slips the ring on to make sure the moment was captured for her bestie. How would anyone know it's not her hand when it's clearly only multiple shades darker than the rest of her body. Maybe that hand just really likes sunlight or she fell asleep with only that hand in the tanning bed. You don't know her life. At least those are some of the comments amused viewers are leaving.

"Not me thinking your hand was changing color because the ring was too small and cutting off circulation," one person admits.

"Apparently your hand went on vacation to the beach!! Your friends are hilarious! Congratulations on your engagement," someone says.

"Not me thinking you borrowed a friend's ring before realizing you borrowed the whole hand," a commenter laughs.


No one will know 🤫#fyp #bestie #engagement

There was some confusion in the comments with people thinking she borrowed her friend's hand because the diamond was too small, not the ring. This misunderstanding even had people calling her materialistic so she came out with a follow up video to explain.

"I was not even close to talking about the diamond size. My boyfriend could've gotten me a Ring Pop with glitter on it and I would've been ecstatic," Nicolette retorts.

She assures people she's not materialistic and has been laughing at some of the people's explanations on what they thought was happening in the picture. There was no real context to the video, just the still photo with Bruno Mars "Marry You" in the background, and a text overlay that said "when get engaged but the ring is too small so you're bestie comes in clutch." This allowed for people's imaginations to go wild in the most amusing way possible.