What Are Sponsored Sections?

At Upworthy, our mission is to lift up stuff that matters using evocative media. We look for visual content that is both meaningful and shareable (that's the definition of "Upworthy") and curate the things that have the best chance of going viral.

Sometimes, when we want to pursue more specific or nuanced subjects — areas where we may have to dig deeper to find media that really moves — we look for partners to underwrite our efforts.

Here's how it works: We define the topics of a sponsored section with the partner, then set an Upworthy curator totally free within those bounds — scouring the web for great content, writing up the best stuff with irresistible packaging, and distributing it to millions of people.

To be clear: These are paid business relationships, and we disclose the sponsor on every page of the section. But these partnerships, by design, completely align with our mission of lifting up important content. In fact, they help us go deeper on subjects that really matter than we'd be able to without them.

If you have thoughts you'd like to share about Upworthy sponsored sections, please contact us. To discuss advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please click here.