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Erica Buddington


A Young Girl's Faith Is Restored Because Someone Took A Chance On Her

At first I didn't understand the point of this, but at the end, it all made sense. Four women speak on a predicament that isn't their own to prove an incredible point. Each woman's voice is dubbed with another's story, and I didn't quite get that right away. I didn't let their surroundings influence their story; will you? Watch and see.


Put Your Hands On Me Again, And I'll Recount This Entire Video To Your Arresting Officer

Remember that awesome whoop-ass scene at the end of "Enough"? The one that had you mimicking J-Lo's moves and screaming in your living room? Yeah... this is 10 times better.


A Mother Is Looking For Her Son. She Finds Him In The Scariest Place.

This poet crafts an incredible metaphor about "brotherhood." At 1:25, she demands answers to pivotal questions about community. I most certainly reached out to my "brothers" after this.


SHE GETS IT: I, Too, Have 5 To 7 Days Of Every Month When I Hate My Boyfriend

There's something sexy about a guy who'll deal with your rants, chocolate, and feminine products during that time of the month. BUT DON'T YOU DARE COME BACK WITH THE WRONG PRODUCTS!