Clare McBride and her older sister, Becca Lamar, barely spoke to one another for most of their lives.

"I would meet [Becca's] friends [and] they didn't even know she had a sister," Clare remembers.

Being just 20 months apart and looking so much alike, they were often compared with one another. This led them to be competitive, and they bickered often. They'd also regularly steal each other's clothes, which, of course, only led to more squabbles.

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Extra Chewy Mints

Trigger warning: This discusses surviving sexual assault while traveling.

A year ago, I was shattered — a complete ghost of the confident independent woman I had grown to be.

I had just spent an amazing few weeks exploring Morocco, which is one of my favorite countries. I felt welcomed everywhere I went. Yes, there were inappropriate stares, comments, and sometimes very quick touches that I wished hadn't happened, but nothing beyond the usual harassment I receive as a female traveler.

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"Reading is one of the things that connects us all together, that reminds us of our shared humanity," says photographer Steve McCurry.

McCurry's been snapping pictures of people around the world for more than 30 years. You've probably seen his work. He's covered a lot of topics, from war to monsoons to everyday life. Wherever he goes, he keeps an eye out for interesting shots.

As he worked, one theme kept popping up in his photos all over the world: the simple act of reading.

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