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silkie chicken purrs

Silkie chicken starts purring from happiness after being swaddled

Did you know that chickens purr? Well, maybe not all chickens but this silkie chicken is certainly trying to give cats a little competition on the most adorable imitation of a car motor. Usually when people think of a chicken they think one of three things, dinner, eggs or they envision an actual chicken that's running around in an outside pen seemingly confused with life.

Chickens typically serve some sort of purpose for their owners, even if it's just to prevent them from weekly trips to the grocery store for eggs. But some chickens are simply there to be pets and sometimes entertainment. Have you ever seen a chicken wear clothes? Well, they make them.

And since people have taken to having chickens hang out as pets, they behave like pets. Jen Hamilton has a silkie chicken named, Grits, who loves nothing more than taking a bath and being swaddled like an infant.

Recently the nurse re-uploaded a video to her social media of Grits after her bath, explaining how much the silkie loves to be swaddled as she dries.

"I had to give Grits a bath, but did you know that she loves to be swaddled," Hamilton says. "So, context. Chickens purr when they're happy. So, watch this."

The labor and deliver nurse then demonstrates how she swaddles Grits with a minor mishap in the middle of her execution of the perfect chicken swaddle. As Hamilton was swooping a piece of the towel around, Grits quickly face planted with a tiny little "thud." Don't worry though, her mom's an actual nurse. No silkie chickens were harmed in the process of making the video, Hamilton quickly sat Grits upright again and continued the mission of the perfect chicken swaddle. People couldn't get enough of Grits' little tumble or her interesting happy chicken purr.

"I LOST IT WHEN SHE FELL & the 'Whoops' was so calm and collected," someone writes with two rolling on the floor laughing emojis.

"I will never not laugh hysterically at the *thud* 'whoops...sorry,'" a commenter says.

"She sounds like a printer from the '80s when she purrs and I love it," another person writes.

Get to know Grits and her happy chicken noises in the video below. You won't regret it, promise.