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scared straight cat edition

Woman shows her misbehaving cat to 'the trenches'

You always hear about a "bad dog," giving the furry goofballs a reputation for getting into mischief, but what about bad cats. Not all cats are angels just lounging around the house until someone gives them food while fanning them with a giant palm leaf. Some cats have a sketchy "catigree" and every once in a while they let that wild streak show. When that happens, what is a cat owner to do?

A cat mom that goes by the user name Lambo Licia on Instagram posted a video showing exactly how she gets her cat in line when he's misbehaving. No, it's not with a spray bottle. She shows him what life is like in "the trenches." You know, the area of town where homeless cats roam and cat burglars have real whiskers and thumbs that don't work, leaving a strange fish smell wherever they lurk.

If Scared Straight: Cat Edition was an actual thing, Mega, the orange tabby would be the first to turn his life around. He looks absolutely petrified from all of the unruly cat behavior he sees out the window and his mom's commentary.

"You be in the kitchen begging me for food. You see those cats over there? They ain't eat at all, they ain't eat at all. There's cats out here struggling and you stressing me at home like I don't feed you," Licia pretends to cry to the cat. Commenters can't get enough of Mega being shown the bad side of cat town and share their own ungrateful cat stories.

"I take pictures of the less fortunate cats to show mine how good she really has it. Another cat got in our house and played in her toy bin and she was pissed! I told her some cats don't have toys and she needs to share idc if the neighborhood cat came over. She's been an indoor cat since," one cat mom writes.

"Scared Straight: Cat Edition!!! I’m here for it. You is a Cat of God in a black household… you know better. Now stop this foolishness and be great. My speech to my orange tabby, Toby Jawan Walker," someone else laughs.

"Cat: Wait, they really out here living like this!!! Oh no, take me home now," another commenter jokes.

One thing is for sure, Mega will never forget his ride to the wrong side of town and hopefully will start having a more grateful attitude. Watch the entire video below: