rollo and sadie

Two dogs have long distance relationship over FaceTime.

When we think about romance and soulmates, we are generally thinking about people, not dogs. But it turns out these two dogs are completely smitten with each other and have the internet calling them "relationship goals." Rollo and Sadie met during the pandemic when their owners moved into apartments in the same building in Canada. According to Sadie's owner, Kayla McTeer, it was love at first sight for the Husky German Shepherd mix.

McTeer told CNN that Sadie didn't really get along well with other dogs, but when she met Rollo, "She whined and cried and laid down on her back like she just met the love of her life."

Well, that's one way to know your dog is in love. Thankfully for Sadie, her beau was also into her, and the relationship we didn't know we needed to see was born.

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