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pig steals pumpkins

Pig keeps sneaking away to eat pumpkins in the neighborhood

Pigs can make some interesting pets. While most people aren't walking around with one of those giant 600 pound pigs in their house, the much smaller versions can be found hanging out in suburban backyards or sleeping in a dog bed inside. But no matter how domesticated a pig is, they're still pigs and pigs get into things, especially when there's food involved.

One woman's pig decided to show his escape skills when the neighbor's decided to set pumpkins out on their front porch. Carlton quickly became known as a pumpkin thief around the neighborhood because he didn't stop at one neighbor. Oh no, it was spooky season, pumpkins were everywhere and by pumpkins we're talking cute carved jack-o-lanterns.

Carlton did not care about the craftsmanship of these pumpkins or how long it took the family to carve them. All the pig knew was that he wanted them in his belly at all costs.

The pigs human was not only mortified when she saw him snacking on someone else's pumpkin in her back yard, she was baffled as to how he got it. But it didn't take her long to figure out how much of an escape artist he really was. Amanda, the pig's owner tried everything to keep him from getting out but nothing seemed to work.

"It didn't matter what I tried, changing the locks, changing the leash. He was going to find a way to get out and get people's pumpkins," Amanda tells The Dodo.

Thankfully the neighbors weren't upset and after Halloween, they brought the little pumpkin stealer all the pumpkins he could eat. But Carlton had a surprise for his mom, this whole time he had actually been planting the pumpkin seeds by rolling the pumpkins around to get the seeds out and while he was rooting around in the yard eating, he was inadvertently planting. Or maybe it was on purpose. Either way, the next spring Amanda's front yard was full of pumpkins.

Watch the video to find out what Carlton's family did with all of the pumpkins.