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pet chicken

Weatherman rescues a chicken in a blizzard and now they're friends.

There's a little-known saying that every weatherman needs a chicken. OK, it's little known because I totally just made it up, but you have to admit, it's just random enough to make you wonder if you missed out on a weird colloquialism. But in this case, it may be a new saying because weatherman David Neal found a stray chicken while reporting on a blizzard, and they've somehow become best friends.

The chicken, now named Penelope, was running around in the snowstorm while Neal was filming, so he tried to catch her so he could make sure she was warm. Penelope had other plans and gave Neal a literal run for his money. Eventually, with the help of a bystander who was likely as confused as the chicken, Neal was able to get Penny in his arms.

Of course, he had some explaining to do once the cameras were rolling again, and he handled it like the pro he is, holding a live chicken.

"During my live shot, a chicken walked up to me in about seven inches of snow. So I picked the chicken up and we're really good friends now. So if you lost a chicken maybe you can give me a call," Neal reported during his segment.

No one called reporting a lost chicken, but Neal and his roommate, Sharon, were happy to add Penelope to their household. Neal said the chicken was skinny and obviously cold when he found her, but it didn't take long for the chicken to bond with the weatherman.

The duo does everything together, including fishing on a boat and a podcast where Neal talks about the weather, except now, he has a chicken on his shoulder giving him notes. Their relationship is so cute, you have to see it for yourself.

Watch the weatherman and his chicken below: