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mom fights off kidnapper

Mom risks life to fight off daughter's attempted kidnapper

We have all wondered what we might do in certain situations that seem to take super human courage. While many people like to assume they''d have the wherewithal to do what needed to be done in a dramatic situation, thankfully most won't need to find out. But for the ones that do, it seems there's not much thinking involved. Just adrenaline and instinct to protect.

Adriana Alvarez, a mom to an adult daughter found herself acting on pure mama bear instincts when her adult daughter was almost a victim of kidnapping. Her 18-year-old daughter, Lex, was just about to enter the home after walking the dog when a man wearing a surgical mask jumped the railing grabbed her and carried her away.

Lex can be seen struggling on the doorbell camera while her screams pierced the air. That's when Alvarez is seen peaking around the corner to see what's happening when it appears she recognized her child was the one being carried down the steps. Immediately the fierce mom begins trying to attack the man, fighting him down all four flights of stairs.

The mom was pepper sprayed and punched but she was determined to free her child from this would be kidnapper. She was successful with the help of two of her neighbors.

"I never heard her scream like that," Alvarez told NBC News.

When the mom made it to the first floor she ran to a neighbor's apartment who then began chasing the man. Once the attempted kidnapper ran across the street, another neighbor took chase and tackled the man. Lex was sparred from whatever plans the man had for her and escaped with just a few scratches.

Alvarez on the other hand was pretty banged up with a dislocated shoulder, bruises on her face and an eye injury. She explained to NBC that she was unconcerned about her safety, her only focus was saving her daughter. What an incredible demonstration of not only bravery but community. Watch the entire harrowing video below.