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Teacher's ridiculously accurate impression of a Keurig coffee machine goes viral

"You transported me. It was early. I could smell the coffee. Bravo."

Teacher does weirdly accurate impression of a Keurig.

Coffee is one of those random adult things that connects everyone who has ever worked in a setting with multiple people. Whether it's an office, a school or even a warehouse, it doesn't matter; if you have to be there with other people, you can expect coffee to be made by someone, even if you don't personally drink it. For this reason alone, most people know the sounds and smells a coffee maker creates.

And if you've been around for the past decade or more, then you know the sound a Keurig coffee machine makes, because if there's one thing Americans love, it's ease. A teacher on TikTok has clearly heard the sounds of a Keurig machine one too many times, because he's mastered the sound.

Devon Bowker, a high school biology teacher, uploaded a video to his TikTok page, @devonthenatureguy, of him doing an insanely realistic impression of a Keurig brewing a cup of coffee.

Bowker is sitting in his car while filming the impressive video. He doesn't say much, just a quick, "This is my impression of a Keurig coffee maker," before jumping right to the familiar sounds. The video has over 3.7 million views and the comments prove the biology teacher has a marketable skill if there's a spot for coffee maker impressions on a resume.

"You transported me. It was early. I could smell the coffee. Bravo," one commenter wrote.

"Idk what’s more impressive, the accuracy or the fact that you did that for so long while maintaining a straight face," someone said.

"Little know fact. Keurigs don’t make sound. They have a small chip located under the base plate with a speaker which plays Devon’s noises when brew," another commenter joked.

If you close your eyes and hold a mug in your hands, you can almost smell the coffee brewing. Not that I've personally tried that or anything...that would be weird. But go grab your mug and listen to the sweet sounds below. Just make sure you have actual coffee at home because it may just make you want a cup.


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