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TikTokker has hilarious solution to Joe Jonas "misogyny" accusations: "Pay off my car loan."

Her tongue in cheek video makes a great point about expectations for young moms.

TikTokker offers to clean ups Joe Jonas' PR by him paying off her car

Even if you've been living in a time capsule and think Hanson is the newest boyband on the block, you've likely still heard about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's divorce. Jonas has been in the public eye since the age of 15 as part of his band he shares with his brothers, aptly named Jonas Brothers. And Turner catapulted to fame playing Sansa Stark on the massive hit show "Game of Thrones" when she was also just 15.

Throughout their relationship the two worked hard to keep things extremely private and positive, so these stories portraying Turner as a party girl absent mom and Jonas as super-dad were shocking.

Enter Robin Rambles, a TikTokker and huge Jonas Brothers fan. She noticed the discrepancy in coverage, Jonas's slow response time and fans insisting the pop star is misogynist. The makings of a PR nightmare, and Robin has a solution. Giving Jonas the opportunity to pay off her car.

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