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Donald Trump says horrible things about women, but who said this?

Donald Trump's sexism is pretty obvious. Other candidates'? A little less so.

Donald Trump has a way with words when it comes to women — and not in a good way.

Whether he's calling a news anchor a "bimbo" or talking about how good someone would look "dropping to [her] knees," Trump's got a bit of a penchant for using colorful (and often downright sexist) language when talking about women. A new ad from an anti-Trump super PAC lists a few of his not-so-greatest hits:

GIF from Ace Metrix/YouTube.

It's a powerful statement, for sure. But how much do you know about what other GOP presidential hopefuls have said about women? We put together a quiz to find out.

The answers are below each quote in the caption, so don't scroll too fast!

1. Who talked up the good ol' days when women "left their kitchen to go door to door" for him?

Answer: C.

2. Who believes women can't be trusted to "control their libido?"

Answer: D.

3. Who said this about Hillary Clinton needing a spanking?

Answer: B.

4. Who had this to say about Hillary Clinton's authenticity?

Answer: C.

5. Who explained his anti-abortion views by saying a fetus "can't turn into a donkey?"

Answer: A.

6. Who suggested women on welfare should maybe just "find a husband?"

Answer: A.

Are Donald Trump's comments more blatantly sexist than these? Absolutely. But just because he's worse doesn't mean we should overlook these sexist statements from other people who want to run the country.

Watch the ad that sparked this discussion below.