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grizzly bane

Grizzly Bane attempts yoga with a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Anyone who has a dog knows that they will never leave you alone when you are exercising. When you pull out the workout mat, the dog knows you’re about to get active and absolutely has to be involved. They see you stooped down to their level and assume you've stooped to their level and it's time to wrestle.

A TikTokker named Grizzly Bane, 27, showed how much dogs love to play with us while we’re trying to exercise in a clip where she has to fight a Bernese Mountain Dog off her yoga mat. Her efforts are unsuccessful, but the video is adorable. The video also gives her a great excuse next time she doesn’t feel like like working out: “My dog wouldn’t let me!”

“Exercise with your dog they said,” Grizzly Bane captioned her video.

Exercise with your dog they said 😅 


Exercise with your dog they said 😅 #exercisedog #bernesemountaindog #mydogsloveme #yogadog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an impressive canine that can reach a height of 27 inches and weigh up to 120 pounds. Even though they can be intimidating, they're usually calm but always ready to play. They are true people-pleasers who love to have fun with their owners, especially when they’re just trying to do a little yoga on the porch.

These lovely dogs are especially gentle with kids.

"He’s testing your core strength," Jeff Craigen joked in the comments. "Lmfao this is why I rejoined the gym because I can’t do it at home anymore," Rae and Remmy added.

"She said you are doing downward dog all wrong!" Mrbravo75 commented.