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girl slips macklemore concert

Macklemore learns important life lesson from young fan

Concerts can be an amazing place to not only see your favorite artists but to physically feel the energy of the crowd. There's something transcendent about collectively experiencing music with thousands of other people that you just can't achieve on your own. One mother daughter duo were out for a night of that collective enjoyment at a Macklemore concert when something amazing happened.

The singer invited the daughter, Willow, on the stage and gave her 20 seconds so she could dance along to the music. But as soon as Willow started to dance with a high kick, she slipped and fell flat on her back in front of the packed concert. Anyone would've been embarrassed to have such a public misstep when given the opportunity to entertain a large crowd, but for a pre-teen girl, it likely felt even more mortifying.

But it was what Macklemore did after the girl's tumble that brought concertgoers to tears, especially Willow and her mom.

The four time grammy winner stopped the concert after Willow's embarrassing moment was over and reminded the crowd of an important life lesson all thanks to Willow. Judging by the little girl's reaction it seems she also needed to hear the lesson she just inadvertently taught others just by getting up.

"But the thing I love the most about this dance off is Willow," Macklemore says. "Because you showed us what we all do in life. I've slipped before, my love. I've slipped in front of the entire world before and you know what you did? You got back up and you kept dancing. So thank you for reminding us what it looks like when we slip and we get back up."

By the time Macklemore was nearly done speaking the crowd started chanting Willow's name. What an amazing real time life lesson for Willow and the entire crowd. This is sure to be something that she remembers as an incredible experience instead of an embarrassing event.