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doberman pinscher puppy

A woman was offered $200,000 for her dog.

For most dog owners, their pooch is a member of the family, best friend, confidante, and loyal protector. They would never dream of giving their dog away to anyone, let alone selling their pet. However, what if the offer was $200,000?

A TikTokker named Alexis Elliott says she received a “legit” offer of $200,000 for her Doberman pinscher puppy, but refused because she wouldn’t dream of selling her dog.

“Someone offered us $200K for our puppy, and I told my husband ‘absolutely f*cking not,’” the TikToker said. “Would you guys sell your dogs for $200k?” she asks later in the video. “Like, that is my baby! That is my baby. I birthed her. That is my child. Like there is no money, I would not sell her. But it just got me thinking, like, I wonder if people would have taken that 200K?"

After posing the question, Alexis received a lot of responses. Surprisingly, many of them would entertain the $200,000 offer.

Warning:Video contains strong language.

"In this economy? Yes." one user wrote, and people agreed with them, giving the comment over 8,000 likes. "I would absolutely, without even thinking about it, LMAO," Maee G added. Others thought that it was morally right to take the money. "It’s a crime to not accept 200k," Lana said.

One woman tried to alter the deal. "Not my dog but the husband, absolutely," a user wrote.

About the same number of commenters said they would never sell their dogs, even for $200,000. "A lot of you in these comments don’t deserve a dog," Adero_77 wrote. “Omg never. The thought of my dog being confused and feeling abandoned breaks my heart," Julie added.

"One time, someone asked my brother if he would sell his puppy. My brother answered, ‘No, I'd rather have an empty wallet than an empty house,’” Tracy Laguna wrote.

One person responded to the video with a funny clip of their dog waiting on the curb with a suitcase. “For 200k, damn!” I am Yelitzii captioned the video.


#stitch with @Alexis For 200k damn 😂

Some believe that if their dog went to live with someone with $200k to spend on them, it would probably be living in a better place. "If they’re offering $200k they can clearly provide him a better life than I can! This is best for both of us," Clutch Grabs wrote. "Listen, with that type of money, me & my dog would live our best lives… separately," Jasmine added.

Those who said would never sell their dogs because it would cause them distress are correct. “Yes, your dog will miss you when you give them away,” Preventive Vet wrote on its blog. However, dogs can adapt to a new family situation. “It is normal for a dog to grieve the loss of their previous family and go through an acclimation period in their new home,” the blog continues. “While they may miss you, if they are in a caring environment and their needs are being met, they will do well.”

This article originally appeared on 12.10.23