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dating and bipolar disorder

Video gives tips on dating someone with bipolar disorder

Loving someone with a mental illness can be a difficult journey, especially if you're not sure what's helpful and what's not.

Not only can mental illnesses be overwhelming for the person diagnosed but it can also be overwhelming for their partner. Every mental health diagnosis comes with its own set of challenges that require a unique approach but there are some basics that can be helpful to know.

One TikTok creator that goes by Milly Stone TV uploaded a video explaining how to be in a relationship with someone with a mental illness. Milly clarifies in the video that they have bipolar depression and is speaking from that perspective but what's being said can apply to other mental illnesses.

Though the video was made for Mental Health Awareness Day, it's useful information to have year round. In the caption, Milly explained what motivated them to share these tips.

"I saw someone said, 'we don't talk about being with someone with a mental disorder enough,' so let me just give some input," the caption reads.

Milly sits in the car with their laptop as they go into the relationship dos and don'ts, likely answering a lot of unspoken questions loved ones have.

"First and foremost understand, it's not a personal attack on you. Communication is vital and empathy is important. Understand that they are not your responsibility," they say bluntly. "A lot of people look at us and see us as liabilities that they gotta take on because they love us. No, I'm not your responsibility, I'm your partner, ok?"

If you love someone with a mental illness, Milly goes on to list even more tips in the video below.


I saw someone said “we dont talk about being with someone with a mental disorder enough” so lemme just give some input #millystonetv #mentalhealthawareness #bipolardisorder #relationships #studsoftiktok #fyp #lgbt🌈 #love