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dad walks in on dance

Dad walks in on couple in hilariously compromising scene

Look, sometimes we walk in on things that we just shouldn't see. Those situations can be embarrassing for everyone involved and there's never a clear way to address it depending on what exactly was seen. Sure, some situations are easier to explain than others while others may be completely innocent but no amount of explaining will make the unsuspecting party believe it.

One Italian couple was recording a video for a TikTok trend when the woman's father walked in on them. Music is blasting when the dad slowly opens the door to take a peek at what's going on. It appears he was not ready to see what he saw because he stood in the doorway looking confused and flabbergasted at the sight.

Matilde Morra and Daniele were having a good time dancing for the trend while she was wearing her partner's baggy clothes and he was wearing...her leopard print dress.

It was paired with a cute bag and shoes to complete the look. The couple was having a blast by all appearances–that is until dad accidentally interrupted their shenanigans. A lesson in knocking before entering a bedroom takes place in real time as the dad tries to put together what his eyeballs are seeing.

The couple uploaded the video to their TikTok page where it went mega viral with over 27.1 million views and 5.2 million likes. Commenters couldn't get enough of her dad in the background and Daniele slowly closing the door on him.

"It's giving Michael Scott closing the conference room door on that old man," one person says.

"Closing the door like it's going to wipe away the trauma that dude just experienced," someone laughs.

"Mannn the thoughts that are going through that poor man's head. He didn't know what the h*ll was going on," a commenter exclaims.

"I just know he stood on the other side of the door for a min while processing what he just saw," someone else writes.

You can watch the hilariously embarrassing moment below:


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