Trust and listen to black women. This bears repeating: Trust and listen to black women.

We have not steered you wrong yet.

We built this country with grit and grace. We are smart. We are accomplished. We are talented beyond measure. We're leading start-ups and business empires. We're changing narratives. We're making art. We're making a difference. And yet, we are left behind, ignored, and underrepresented time and time again.

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Periods happen. It's a fact of life. About every 28 days, people of childbearing age with uteruses get their periods.

It's a beautiful process of biological renewal: The uterus cleans itself in anticipation of a possible future baby, and women everywhere who get caught off guard by the arrival of their monthly visitor can experience the unique joy of asking strangers in public bathrooms if they have an extra tampon.

Very recently lawmakers have started to acknowledge that helping people manage this time with grace and ease is a wonderful — and long overdue — thing to do.

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