It's census time, cats and kittens!

Oof. Friends, our team at Upworthy tried to think of a way to make filling out the census form sound exciting, but let's face it—there's just nothing sexy about counting people. It IS super important, though.

The census counts literally every person living in the U.S., so everyone needs to participate. While it might sound super snoozy on its face, the result will be used for important policy decisions for the next 10 years, such as:

- drawing congressional and state legislative district boundaries

- distributing government funding for schools, roads, and local services

- planning where to build new schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and other local businesses.

Traditionally, the census has been completed by people who go around from house to house, but now the form can be filled out online. With the pandemic happening, we can't have census takers going door-to-door right now anyway, so it's even more important for us all to do it online. It literally takes 10 minutes. One form per household. Basic demographic info. Easy peasy.

Tell your friends and family, too.

Here's the link to the form: https://my2020census.gov/

And here's the preview for The Tiger King in case you've been living under a rock and can't figure out why people keep mentioning Joe Exotic. You're welcome.

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