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cats rule

He was really feeling it.

Cats are underappreciated geniuses in so many ways…why not add singing into the mix?

Folks on Reddit were delighted by a video of a girl singing opera and getting unapologetically interrupted by her cat, who then ended up completely stealing the spotlight by belting out a few notes. Yep, a total diva move that only a cat could get away with.

The clip is so hilarious that we didn’t want you missing out.

Even the girl can’t stay mad as kitty starts to make those weird little chirps (you know, the alien noises cats make when they see a bird) set in perfect tempo to the accompaniment. Her mood quickly goes from “Excuse me?” to all out cackling.


Singing girl is interrupted in the most adorable way.
by u/SnorkinOrkin in MadeMeSmile

Like, seriously…that cat is definitely singing, amirite?

Viewers on Reddit had a field day in the comments.

“I love cats. Such perfectly broken creatures,” one person wrote.

Another added, “It sounded like the cat was actually trying to meow along with the tune of the song! So cute! Clever cat!”

And of course, fellow cat owners couldn’t help but relate. One shared, “As a singer with cats, they love singing. I have an audience whenever I practice.”

Many were hellbent on figuring out how kitty was able to seemingly sing on beat. One person made a valid guess, writing, “I think she’s playing a YouTube karaoke track and there’s some kind of bouncing icon above the words that the cat is focusing on, that’s why the cat is so in sync 😂”

One helpful Reddit user noted that the singer has a TikTok channel (@maura.music) filled with even more opurra—or should we say meowpera?—duets with her cat, who we can now lovingly call Max.

Check out this one:

@maura.music Warming up those vocal chords😌#OperaCat #catsinger #catsoftiktok #musictok #operatok #catduet #catcomedy #OperaSinger ♬ original sound - maura music

Thanks, Max. You truly are a star. (And your human is pretty talented, too.)