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The Tonight Show/ Youtube

Jennifer Aniston appearing on "The Tonight show"

Let’s face it, platonic relationships between men and women rarely get the same amount of attention as romantic ones, to the point where we debate whether or not they can actually exist in the first place.

That’s what makes a clip of Jennifer Aniston gushing about her decades-long friendship with Adam Sandler so cool to watch. There’s no Harry-Met-Sally-ing here, just one pal talking about another pal.

Aniston sat down with Jimmy Fallon to promote the film “Murder Mystery 2,” starring both Aniston and Sandler, but the conversation quickly veered into several anecdotes about “The Sand Man,” including how the two first met at a deli in their 20s.

As with any healthy friendship, there’s plenty of ragging on each other.

During the interview, Aniston teased Sandler for his schlubby fashion choices, like showing up to a “nice dinner” in Italy wearing his signature basketball shorts and turquoise velour top which “had no relationship to the pants.” This, she joked, was Vogue’s fault for dubbing him a style icon. "Thanks, Vogue!” she said.

Aniston then quipped that Sandler does his fair share of calling out, primarily when it comes to her dating choices. Usually, the reaction is, “What are you doing? What's wrong with you?" Aniston yelled, doing her best Sandler impression.

But at the end of the day, there’s also genuine care. Aniston told Fallon that when working together, she is always looking out for her buddy’s well-being since he often overlooks it.

“He’s so concerned with taking care of everybody else, which he really does, but he doesn’t take care of himself,” she said, adding, “I’m sorry for calling you out on national television, Adam, but you have to know this.”

That’s why Aniston “makes him smoothies” and “gives him all sorts of Chinese herbs when he’s exhausted.” How stinkin’ cute.

Sure, friendships between men and women can (and often do) lead to romance. But even when they don’t, as Aniston can probably attest, there is a certain unsung joy of platonic love that deserves to be celebrated.