Guy's 'blueberry waffle' meal is going viral for the most hilariously disturbing reason

"There’s no way this is true. Those are clearly blueberry waffles."

blueberry waffles, blueberries, toaster waffles

A tasty blueberry waffle with a dollop of butter.

A viral story on Reddit will make you think twice before you ever eat a blueberry waffle again. A Reddit user with the username @RandyBoBandy___, who goes by the name of Randy, thought he was enjoying a tasty, carb-filled breakfast earlier this month, but he later realized that he had put his health in serious jeopardy.

Randy lives in Montreal, Canada, and his story, posted on April 11, has been upvoted by the online community over 144,000 times.

“It was pretty dark, and my freezer doesn’t have a light or anything, so I just took two waffles out and put them in the toaster,” Randy told Today.com. “I ate them with maple syrup.”

He didn’t notice anything different with the taste. So, he went back into his freezer to grab two more.

“After eating two of these blueberry waffles, I went to heat up two more and saw that the package was for plain waffles,” the Redditor wrote in the r/mildlyinfuriating subreddit. “I ate mold.”

Ewww. Disgusting.

So, what Randy thought were delicious, sweet blueberries in his waffle was mold. Given the picture he shared on Reddit, it’s easy to see why he mistook the blue mold for blueberries.

"It was the worst 10 seconds of my life," Randy wrote in his post.

After eating two of these blueberry waffles, i went to heat up two more and saw that the package was for plain waffles. I ate mold.
by u/RandyBoBandy___ in mildlyinfuriating

“There’s no way this is true. Those are clearly blueberry waffles,” uguysmakemesick commented on the post.

"Just pretend it was blue cheese or penicillin," MajorMeowCat wrote.

Punk_n_Destroy's comment probably made Randy want to throw up. "Fun fact: mold is a fungus, so the spots you see are only the fruiting part of the mold," they wrote. "That whole waffle may be packed full of mycelium."

Randy further explained why he didn’t notice that his waffles were moldy.

“1—I was watching TV. 2—I ate it with maple syrup. 3—It was dark. 4—I might have COVID, or a bad cold. 5—It's 5 AM where I’m at. 6—It's the cheap waffles, I never expect any real flavour,” he wrote on the post.

After the post went viral, many were concerned about Randy’s health. Did he survive eating two waffles that were riddled with mold? So, he gave an update showing that he was still alive and had no symptoms of being poisoned by the moldy waffles.

“Update, I didn’t get sick,” Randy posted with a big thumbs up alongside another moldy waffle.

Update: I didn't get sick
by u/RandyBoBandy___ in mildlyinfuriating

Randy told Today.com that the waffle went bad because of a power outage in his neighborhood that lasted for four days. While his refrigerator was off, he kept most of his perishables in a cooler packed with ice. However, the waffles were left in the warm freezer so they defrosted and went bad.

So, was Randy tempting fate when he ate the moldy waffles? According to dietitian Lillian Craggs-Dino, eating a moldy waffle shouldn’t kill you. “Be mindful of the fact that you ate it,” Craggs-Dino told the Cleveland Clinic. “And make sure you don’t have any symptoms for the rest of that day. Most likely, you’ll be okay.”

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