How 60 Words From 13 Years Ago Ruined A Country's Relationship With The Rest Of The World

Welcome to 2014! Some of the fun things our government has been up to in the past decade include: mass torture, detention without trial, assassinating citizens with remote-control robots, and mass surveillance of every American's phone calls and Internet use. Not spooky at all, nope.Pretty often I find myself wondering: Do the president and military just get to do whatever the hell they want? We're supposed to be a nation governed by laws, but in practice so many of the most important laws have been declared secret that nobody seems to know what's allowed and what's not anymore.RadioLab and BuzzFeed produced this amazing radio piece. They traced our past decade of unaccountable military mayhem back to a 2001 law called the Authorization for Use of Military Force. This is that law's story.It's a whole hour long, so get somewhere comfortable before hitting play. It's worth it though.

I'm No Supreme Court Expert, But I Kinda Think You Shouldn't Be Able To Pay For This?

Wait, I don't get it. The Supreme Court basically decided that money doesn’t have enough influence in politics already? Like, the USA will be a better place if bajillionaires have an even easier time buying laws than they do already? Yeah, that makes sense. Great job, Supreme Court. You go. *rolls eyes*

Do You Like Drinking Beer? Here's A Video You'll Want To Pay Close Attention To.

You guys, this is bad.I've always liked to think of myself as a pretty environmentally conscious guy. Recycle, save the rain forests, all that good stuff. After all, we have only one planet — let's not put it to waste, etc, etc.Then I saw this video. I knew clean water was important. But I had no idea just how important it is to so many of my most cherished American freedoms.