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Gabe Reilich

Steve Barley is a dad, Englishman, and clearly a mad genius. Since 2010, he's been designing obstacle courses for the squirrels in his garden to navigate. His latest creation, inspired by Formula 1 racing, is truly a site to behold. The cleverness of his design, his wonderful commentary, and use of multiple camera angles really make this the epitome of wholesome, enjoyable entertainment. As he so eloquently puts it, "My only rule is...it ain't worth posting unless it raises a smile!"

Amazing Squirrel Grand Prix Furmula 1 Obstacle Coursewww.youtube.com

Well done, Steve. As he notes in his channel description, over the years his "back garden challenges for our furry friends have become bigger and more elaborate or, as my wife puts it - 'Really, this is getting out of hand!'"

School Themed Obstacle Course

Squirrel School Themed Obstacle Coursewww.youtube.com

Movie Themed Obstacle Course

Ninja Squirrel Braves Movie-Themed Obstacle Coursewww.youtube.com