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Elea Chang


A 1-minute video for any kid you know who may be depressed

Three weeks ago, I lost someone close to me. I don't want anyone else to go through the same thing.

If you know a teen who's struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, they might not always be willing or able to talk to you about it. For those kids, this video captures it much better than words alone.

Sometimes it could be easier to open up to strangers. Maybe there's a generational gap in the family, or maybe nobody else around has had experience with mental illness. Either way, here are a few potentially helpful sites:

  • ReachOut.com features videos and stories from teens recounting their emotional lows and eventual triumphs.
  • For young adults who identify as LGBT or are questioning, The Trevor Project is a good place to start. It also has 24/7 support lines via both text and phone.
  • Browse therapists by location, issues, and even Skype availability at Psychology Today.
  • In general, you can read up on teen depression, trust your gut, and be aware of the warning signs of youth suicide (especially if the teen in question has recently started on or switched antidepressants).