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Diana Nguyen


These People Defend 'Criminals' And Sleep Pretty Well At Night. As Well They Should.

First-time filmmaker Dawn Porter is about to shake up your notion of attorneys in her forthcoming HBO doc, "Gideon's Army."

Want to delve deeper into the issues explored in the film? Get educated here.


That Thing They Teach You About In Health Class Isn't Nearly As Deadly As It Used To Be

Not so long ago, it seemed like AIDS was gonna take the whole world down — but the determined people in the documentary "How To Survive A Plague" decided that we weren't going out like that. Find out what they did about it.

<iframe width="810" height="456" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/wwhFS1mUaVY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Intrigued by "How To Survive A Plague"? Click here to watch it online (Hulu, Netflix, on demand — the options are endless!), and if you'd like to get involved with crushing AIDS for good or fighting for health care justice for survivors, click here


A Young Boy Goes Missing And One Person Waits An Entire Lifetime For His Return

Though some people might consider this kind of dedication delusional, there is something distinctly human and touching about John Dreyfous' mother's commitment. If John is still out there, I hope he sees this.


The Scariest Horror Film Of The Year Is Actually A Documentary

A nation of children worrying about how they're going to help support their families has got to be a red flag. The American middle class is on the precipice of a pretty brutal reality.