A comedian tears apart a classic anti-gay argument in a hilariously vicious 3-minute rant.

This comedian's sense of humor and uh, salty language, are definitely not safe for work. And his views on religion are probably not for everyone. HOWEVER, his arguments in defense of equality will most likely leave you laughing and nodding your head. I hope.

Warning: NSFW and NSFFFTH (Not Safe for Friends & Family of Ted Haggard).


Our Privacy Is Being Sold Like Cheap Goods, And Who's Involved Might Come As A Surprise

By now, a lot of us have learned that the NSA has access to a lot of information about us. But it seems the Internet privacy issue is an even larger problem than most people know. In fact, some of you might be shocked to know who else is involved.


A News Anchor Gets The Scare Of Her Life And Forever Changes The Lives Of Others In Response

Imagine receiving a terrifying cancer diagnosis and struggling to understand the complicated treatment options available to you or worrying about how you'll cover the costs. This is a reality for many Americans in our complex health care system. Here's the story of one woman on a mission to help an entire community cope.


The Canadian Project That Might Ruin Our Future

Why does our country keep clinging to oil? How many hurricanes, melted glaciers, and generally unpleasant summers will it take for us to wake up? I'm not saying you have to go out and buy a Prius. But it's time we, as a nation, start paying attention to the impact we're having on our environment. Our future depends on it. Really. (Nothing against Canada, folks...)