Andrew Forrest


A comedian tears apart a classic anti-gay argument in a hilariously vicious 3-minute rant.

This comedian's sense of humor and uh, salty language, are definitely not safe for work. And his views on religion are probably not for everyone. HOWEVER, his arguments in defense of equality will most likely leave you laughing and nodding your head. I hope.


Tragedy Struck First. Now, Love Strikes Back.

The shooting in Newtown shocked and devastated the nation late last year. Meet Darren Wagner, a Newtown man working to heal the town he loves and ensure that a tragedy like this never happens again.


Is It Just Me, Or Does It Seem Like We're Compensating For Something?

OK, we're the world's greatest superpower, and keeping that up ain't cheap. But if you've ever had a sick family member or met a student working two jobs just to pay off college loans, you might consider whether we really need all of this stuff. Aren't we working on cyber warfare nowadays anyway? 

Cost of Military


I Voted Republican And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

But those tax cuts were totally worth it, right?