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wig in trunk

Police called for someone trapped in trunk.

Sometimes things happen that are just plain embarrassing, where you know three years down the road you're likely going to wake up in a cold sweat remembering the thing that you hope everyone else has forgotten. But with the power of the internet, those hilariously humiliating moments can be cemented into internet history.

And if you're really unlucky, your embarrassment can become a meme. One that haunts you every few months for the rest of your life—unless you're the one that posts the video, then it's safe to assume you're perfectly fine with the entire world having a belly laugh at your expense. At least that's the logic that makes the most sense in this instance.

Toria Townsend uploaded a video to her TikTok page @classy_Melita, which has since taken over the app thanks to her side-splitting misfortune that involves the police, concerned citizens and a hair appointment.

Townsend had just gotten her hair done and returned home when she heard a knock on the door. The video looks to be recorded by a home surveillance system from the doorway and shows the woman answering the door as two police officers stand on the porch. By one officer's question, it seems obvious that he wasn't concerned that there could be a person trapped in the trunk of her car.

"The craziest thing you're not going to believe," the officer says. "So we got a call, somebody was concerned. Are you like a hairstylist?"

Likely to the officer's brief dismay, Townsend says she's not a hairstylist, which is the moment he informs her that there's hair sticking out of her car.

"Oh, my Jesus," Townsend screeches while trying to get out the door.

It wasn't a person at all. As she runs towards the car, the officers chuckle while she screams that it's her wig hanging from the trunk and giving passersby heart palpitations. The hilarious video has racked up a massive number of views as people continue to reshare it, including It's Gone Viral, where it has nearly 9 million likes and over 58 million views.

Watch the unforgettable interaction below:


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